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Do you have a question about your skin, the products or the ingredients in Louis Widmer products? Dr. Beat Müller is happy to answer them for you.

Each month we give away one facial skincare set from Louis Widmer to someone who has submitted a question.

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Frequently asked questions to Dr. Beat Müller


Why is my skin allergic to scents?
Scent allergies are the most common contact allergies of all. Women are more frequently affected than men. This is why most Louis Widmer products are also unscented.

Why does the skin age?
There are two reasons.
A. The biological clock. A process which is genetically defined in each of us. The result is the slow degeneration of the tissue.
B. The environment. Environmental factors are, for example, UV radiation, stress, smoking, air pollution etc.

Why does the skin change?
Wrinkles, fine lines and the loss of elasticity - these are the first signs of the skin ageing. The cell metabolism of the skin slows down and free radicals attack. In addition, oxidative substances are activated by UV radiation.
In a further step, the wrinkles become deeper, furrows form and the skin loses its firmness. This is caused by a shortage of collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid.
Mature skin finally loses its density and vitality. The synthesis of the important elements in the skin slows down. Hyaluronic acid and collagen (important molecules of the supporting tissue) become more scarce. In addition, the natural synthesis of the skin lipids is reduced. The skin becomes more dry.

How can I protect my skin in winter?
The air is very dry in the cold season in particular. Therefore the skin needs much more care. This applies to the face, the lips and the hands. The skin is lacking surface fat due to the influence of the cold. With rich care products with a very high lipids contents, the skin will remain moisturised and protected.



Do you use palm oil?
No, none of our products contain palm oil. We demand certificates/confirmations of the origin of natural products, active ingredients and auxiliary ingredients from all of our raw and active ingredient suppliers. This also applies to the derivatives of controversial natural substances.

Does Louis Widmer use preservatives?
More and more products are being offered without preservatives. There are, however, good reasons to use preservatives:
safety for the customer, even when using a product over a long period. Without preservatives, the decomposition of the product may cause toxins to develop which could lead to skin reactions.
The clever selection of preservative products and the lowest possible dosage is important. This significantly reduces the risk of skin reactions.
Products without preservatives contain natural products with preservative properties which are not classified as preservatives. When using substances of this type, there is an unknown risk due to allergies.

Does Louis Widmer use parabens?
No, since 2014, none of our skincare products have used parabens.

Aluminium Salts
The risk of deodorants with aluminum salts is discussed again and again. Dr. Beat Müller, Director Research and Development (CTO) at Louis Widmer SA, states: “The safety of aluminum was recently reassessed by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) of the European authorities. The use of deodorants with and without aluminum salts is harmless to health. The only difference between the deodorants is the way they work. "

Animal experimenting

Does Louis Widmer carry out experiments on animals?
Experiments have never been carried out on animals for our products, neither in Switzerland nor abroad. We do not use any animal extracts or materials.

  • Experiments will never be carried out on animals for our products, neither in Switzerland nor abroad.
  • We do not have our raw materials or products tested on animals by other organisations.
  • In our cosmetic products we use substances that have been available on the market for years (decades). These are substances approved by the government. Animal experiments are not needed nowadays for these substances which have been used for many years.
  • Since the company was founded, we have tested all products for their tolerability and effectiveness exclusively on people using authorised clinics and dermatologists.
  • Our parent company in Switzerland does not export our products to any country that, in principle, requires animal experiments for cosmetics.
  • Our products do not contain any animal extracts or components. Only synthetic materials and raw materials from plants are used. Some products are an exception as they contain bees wax or marine chitosan.


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