Dermatological Care for Sensitive Skin.
made in Switzerland.

Difference between day/night care

It has a different texture, deep effect

and concentration of active agents.

Day care

Moisturises, protects and
cares for the skin

During the day it protects your skin from adverse external influences and free radicals and remoisturises it. As a make-up base, it provides improved hold. Louis Widmer day care products are matched to different skin types. They actively combat wrinkles, loss of moisture and pale complexion. The textures are light and contain high concentrations of dermatologically approved active agents. Your skin’s moisture content will be maintained for several hours. Your skin will remain protected, supple and beautiful throughout the day.

Night care

Nourishment, regeneration and
relaxation for the skin

Your skin regenerates during the night, which is why night care matched to your skin type is ideal and efficient. The textures are smooth and rich. They carry the high-dose active ingredients deep into the epidermis, where they unfold their nourishing and regenerating effect. The result is fresh, supple and well nourished skin. Wrinkles are filled – your skin radiates beauty.