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Delicate, fine pores, good blood supply and highly elastic – this is the ideal skin type. However, depending on the environmental factors and tasks the skin is exposed to, it has different consistencies on different parts of the body. Most of the time, the skin in the centre of the face is rather oily and the remaining parts are rather dry. The oily zones stretch from the chin and the nose to the forehead and spread in a T-shape above the eyebrows.

Blemished skin / oily skin

The skin has large pores and is very shiny. It excretes oil through the sebaceous glands. If the sebaceous glands are blocked by horny cells blackheads start to form, which appear as black spots on the skin. The acne bacteria are activated in the blocked, horny sebaceous gland channel and trigger inflammation (blemishes). Blemished, oily skin mostly develops at the start of puberty. It affects around 80% of all adolescents. Regardless of age, blemished, oily skin can be normalised with the right preparations. Preparations containing oil should be avoided as they can trigger an acne outbreak. 

Blemished areas of skin

  • tendency to blemishes and blackheads
  • pores are often blocked

Oily areas of skin

  • shine and appear oily, especially in the T-zone
  • have large pores

Combination skin

As the name implies, combination skin is a combination of normal and greasy skin or oily and dry skin. A targeted combination of the right cleansing and care preparations is needed to meet the different requirements of the various skin areas.

Oily skin, tendency to blemished skin

  • Oily in the T-zone

Normal skin

  • Fine pores with some feeling of tightness

Normal to dry skin

Fine pores, supple, good blood supply with neither oily nor dry areas. The correct cleansing and care process is important to maintain this healthy state of the skin for as long as possible.

Even skin with fine pores

  • skin has fine pores
  • has good circulation
  • tendency towards irritation

Dry to very dry skin

Often scaly, rough and dull as the sebaceous glands produce too little sebum. This can cause tightening and itching. Due to the reduced oil and moisture content, dry skin tends to also age prematurely and wrinkle excessively. Regular day and night care with preparations rich in oil and moisture eases tight and dry sensations and effectively delays premature skin ageing.

Dry areas

  • skin feels dry

  Extremely dry areas

  • may be reddened with some scaling
  • feeling of tightness

Which product is perfect for your skin care?

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