Dermatological Care for Sensitive Skin.
made in Switzerland.


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VP/Hexadecene Copolymer Synthetic polymer; enhances water resistance and the SPF
After Sun
All Day 30
All Day 30 with Lipcare Stick 50
All Day 50+
Anti-Ageing Intensive Complex
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
Eye Make-up Remover - Waterproof
BabyPure Care and Massage Oil
BabyPure Care Lotion
BabyPure Shampoo and Wash Lotion
BabyPure Wind and Weather Cream
BabyPure Nappy Cream
Eye Contour Cream
Nutritive Cream
Pro-Active Cream Light
Vitalizing Cream
Deo Creme
Deo Dry Stick
Deo Roll-on
Deo Spray
Deodorant Aluminium Salts free Cream
Deodorant Aluminium Salts free Roll-on
Shower Cream
Shower Gel
Extra Sun Protection 50
Extra Sun Protection 50 with Lip Care Stick 50
Extrait Liposomal
Moisture Fluid UV 6
Eye Contour Gel
Face Peeling
Tinted Moisturiser UV 20 Bronze 02
Tinted Moisturiser UV 20 Naturel 01
Hand Balm UV 10
Hand Cream
Kids Skin Protection Cream 25
Kids Skin Protection Cream 25 with Lipcare Stick 50
Body Emulsion
Body Milk
Lip Care Stick UV
MamaDerm Strech Marks Prevention Cream
Micellar Cleansing Lotion
Pigmacare® Skin Tone Balance
Cleansing Milk
Remederm Fluid Body Cream
Remederm Shower Oil
Remederm Face Cream
Remederm Face Cream UV 20
Remederm Body Cream
Remederm Body Cream
Remederm Body Milk 5 % Urea
Remederm Body Oil Spray
Remederm Shampoo
Remederm Silver Cream Repair
Remederm Oil Bath
Rich Day Cream UV 30
Rich Night Cream
Skin Appeal Coverstick 01
Skin Appeal Coverstick 02
Skin Appeal Lipo Sol Foam
Skin Appeal Lipo Sol Tonic
Skin Appeal Peeling
Skin Appeal Sebo Fluid
Skin Appeal Skin Care Gel
Skin Appeal Skin Care Stick
Soft Shampoo
Sun Gel 30
Sun Protection Face 30
Sun Protection Face 50+
Day Cream
Day Cream UV 20
Moisture Emulsion Hydro-Active
Moisture Emulsion Hydro-Active UV 30
Facial Freshener
Facial Wash Gel
Clear Sun Spray 30
Extra Sun Fluid 50+
Kids Sun Protection Fluid 50+
Remederm Lip Balm