Dermatological Care for Sensitive Skin.
made in Switzerland.

«We care»

Protects the skin, the ocean and the environment. Eco-friendly sun care products. None of our sun care products contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. These chemicals damage the coral reefs and therefore the underwater world. Most sun care products also do not contain any solid microplastic particles, which damages the environment.

Our aim: to protect the skin and the environment

Certain UV filters used in sun creams are hazardous to corals and fish. The substances dissolve in water and coat the corals like an invisible film. They thus cause so-called coral bleaching. This means that the microscopic algae living on the corals die.

A quarter of all fish species in our oceans live in coral reefs. The coral bleaching makes these fish leave their habitat, leaving the light coral skeleton in view. If the bleaching continues for longer periods, the corals die off entirely. Sun creams can also become a danger for our local lakes and rivers. This is why the following rule applies at home as well: the less chemicals the better.

The following Louis Widmer sun care preparations with a blue seal are free from oxybenzone, octinoxate and solid microplastic particles: