Dermatological Care for Sensitive Skin.
made in Switzerland.

Louis Widmer exceeds the EU UVA
protection recommendations

Sun protection for the whole family

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The clinically tested sun line by Louis Widmer provides protection for all skin types and requirements. It exceeds the UVA protection recommendations of the EU Commission

Louis Widmer uses

  • Photostable UVA and UVB protection system
  • UVA protection clearly exceeding EU recommendation (one third of measured UVB protection corresponds to UVA protection)

This signet guarantees that the UVA protection factor reaches at least one third of the declared light protection factor (UVB).

The sun protection factor (SPF) states how much longer a person can stay in the sun until the first reddening of the skin compared with unprotected skin when using a sun protection product.

Products with UVA Plus protection

Extra Sun Fluid 50+

Extra Sun Protection 50

Kids Sun Protection Fluid 50+

Sun Protection Face 30

All Day 30

All Day 30 with Lip Care Stick 50

Sun protection for the whole family

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