Dermatological Care for Sensitive Skin.
made in Switzerland.

Four principles

Dermatological care

Made in Switzerland


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Research, development and production: Made in Switzerland

Louis Widmer works closely together with dermatologists and clinics. This way, new findings constantly flow into product development and production. Dermatologically documented active ingredients are integrated in pharmacodynamic dosage and state of the art galenics. Before a product is launched onto the retail market, it is subjected to detailed chemical, analytical and microbiological testing. This is how we ensure the first-class quality of our products. Another crucial measure for quality assurance is our centralised production in Schlieren near Zurich.

Pharmaceutical production standards

All Louis Widmer preparations are produced in accordance with the guidelines for pharmaceutical products. Our production takes place in cleanrooms with purified compressed air and state of the art technology. Thanks to sterile production, preservatives can be restricted to a minimum – additionally improving the tolerability of our products.

Exclusive distribution by specialist retailers

Effective and comprehensive skincare requires competent, expert advice, as a great deal of experience and knowledge are required to advise each customer individually according to her skin type and condition. In order to ensure high-quality advice, Louis Widmer only supplies specialist retailers.

Optimum care for every skin type

Beautiful, smooth skin radiates youthfulness and freshness – however, every skin type has specific requirements when it comes to care and cleansing. Therefore, Louis Widmer offers a complete care programme, with effective, excellently tolerated preparations, which are tailored precisely to the requirements of the respective skin type: from cure to care.

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