Slowing down the signs of time

Wouldn’t you like to simply stop time sometimes?
Now you can, or at least slow it down, with Louis Widmer’s highly effective intensive anti-ageing care products. They are proven to prevent early skin ageing. To ensure that you receive competent advice, the carefully matched mature skin products are available from specialist retailers only.

Positive action against the ageing process.

We all get older. This process mostly shows in the skin’s complexion. With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and vitality. This development starts as early as age 20, but is not yet visible on the outside.
Youthful skin is supplied with plenty of moisture, nutrients and oxygen, but this gets progressively less with age.

Internal and external skin ageing factors.

The time it takes for the skin to regenerate gets increasingly longer with every year. The results are structural changes such as reduced cell function and related poor skin circulation. The internal skin ageing factors, including genetic characteristics, lead to the first visible wrinkles and lines. The skin also continuously loses volume and density – the results are flaccid facial contours and deeper wrinkles.

In addition to these natural factors, eternal factors also have an impact on skin ageing. Especially UV rays, in other words, sunlight, damage the genetic skin makeup and can even cause skin cancer. Additional external factors include air pollution, unbalanced nutrition as well as smoking and lack of care and all lead to early skin ageing.

It is therefore important to counteract the signs of the times with needs-based face care.

UV light, environmental factors and daily demands stress mature skin. An optimal day care combination protects, acts against fine wrinkles, loss of moisture and a pale complexion.
High concentrations of dermatologically approved ingredients create fresh-looking, supple and well-protected skin.

Louis Widmer’s “Against the signs of the times” products include care products that are carefully matched to meet the various needs of the skin and skin types. The products are vegan and available scented or non-scented. Louis Widmer recommends obtaining competent advice from specialist retailers for individual, comprehensive care that is matched to your skin type and condition.

The skin is particularly receptive to valuable ingredients during the night. The combinations of ingredients are transported to the deeper layers of the epidermis, where they can develop their strengthening and regenerating effect.
The right care combination intensively nourishes and moisturises the skin and supports regeneration.

Louis Widmer has developed two highly effective intensive care preparations for particularly stressed and sensitive skin.
As a supplement to day and night care, they effectively smooth wrinkles and promote an even complexion.


The unique biostimulators-Complex is the result of intensive research and Louis Widmer’s own development activities. As the signature ingredient, the complex, which combines nine carefully selected amino acids, is the basic ingredient and acts as a booster for stronger, vital skin.

Combined with another specifically chosen key ingredient, each product is highly effective in its unique way and tolerated well.

This is how the Biostimulators-Complex works:

  • Immediate moisturising effect
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Boosts cell vitality
  • Improves cell regeneration and collagen synthesis
  • Ultimate effectiveness right into the deeper skin layers

Dermatological skin care - Made in Switzerland

The skin is not just the largest organ in our body. It also has many tasks and ensures our wellbeing. Louis Widmer has specialised in skin care for over 60 years. Our products cover the requirements of all skin types and are developed and produced according to pharmaceutical production standards in Switzerland.

On our website, you can find Intensive Anti-Ageing products as well as other Louis Widmer products. You can also find out interesting facts about their production, use, ingredients, proven effects and more. Use the practical care routine generator to find out with just a few clicks which of our products fulfil your individual skin care needs.