Care for beautiful feet


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Foot baths are not just a wonderful way of cooling down in the summer. they also soften areas of the skin affected by calluses.

We neglect our feet much too often. We run, walk, stand and climb stairs and our feet often ache after a tiring day. When the first rays of the sun awaken the desire to wear open shoes once more, it is high time to look after your feet.


Foot care starts with a soothing and relaxing foot bath. Not only do your feet get clean, but it is also an opportunity to relax and simply do nothing for a little while. A small tub full of lukewarm water at a temperature of around 37 degrees is ideal. Add our Remederm Oil Bath to enrich a simple foot bath. The combination of lukewarm water and our Remederm Oil Bath leaves the skin and nails supple and soft. Rough patches soften, dead skin cells and calluses can be gently removed. Both feet need to be thoroughly dried after every foot bath to prevent any type of foot fungus.

Carbamide Forte 18% Urea Anti-callus Foot Cream

Once the feet are supple and soft, the remaining calluses can be gentle and lastingly removed with Louis Widmer Carbamide Forte 18% Urea Foot Cream. Carbamide Forte 18% Urea Anti-callus Foot Cream contains a high concentration of urea, which reduces calluses and prevents them from drying out in the long term. The dead cells on the top skin layer are removed with glycolic acid and panthenol soothes the irritated skin. For best results, our Carbamide Forte 18% Urea Anti-callus Foot Cream can be applied and gently massaged once or twice a day. The cream can also be intensively applied to particularly stubborn calluses.