Baby and massage


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Babies love being massaged by mum or dad. Baby massage is an age-old tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Especially in Africa and Asia, mothers and fathers have been massaging their children for a very long time.

The relaxing massage inhibits stress hormones and activates immunocompetent cells. This, in turn, strengthens the defence cells. This physical contact creates a more intensive bond between you and your child as the skin is an important sensory organ for infants through which they can experience affection. Massage also eases and soothes colics and constipation. BabyPure Care and Massage Oil is ideal for massages.

Baby butterfly massage

With Marie Eberle-Moubarak, graduate midwife

Butterfly massage uses gentle touch to develop contact and a relationship with the child. Baby learns to understand its parents and parents get closer to their baby.

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