The right face and lip care in winter


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It is not surprising that many people suffer from dry skin, particularly in the cold months of the year. Once washed, the skin feels tight, itches, scales and soaks up so much moisturiser that you want to keep reapplying more cream.

Why skin care is different in the winter than in the summer

Winter places additional stress on the skin: cold temperatures, snow and icy wind, but also heating air and bright sun on the ski pistes. The skin’s own protection is dramatically reduced as a result. Due to the low humidity content in a heated room or in the sun, the moisture quickly evaporates through the skin’s surface and the skin dries out more easily and quicker.

As soon as it gets cold, the blood vessels beneath the skin also contract to retain the heat in the body. The blood supply to the skin thus becomes insufficient and the skin receives less oxygen and nutrients. This can result in dryness, a tight feeling and itching.

The upper skin layer and the thin protective film on top, which is made up of sweat and sebum, are also more sensitive in the winter. The lower the temperature, the less sebum is produced by the skin and the protective film loses its effect.

If you suffer from dry skin in winter, you have to adjust your care to be right for the season. At this time of the year, it is important to look out for the right ingredients as your skin needs care products with a high oil content to get through winter well-protected. We reveal what your skin needs at this time to remain radiantly beautiful and smooth.

Winter face care

In cold weather, the sebum and sweat glands reduce their production and they stop working altogether once the temperature drops below minus eight degrees. When the lipids start missing, the face also quickly becomes very dry.

During this time, the skin should be cleaned with mild products only. Ideally, do not use any cleansing products containing alcohol. And it is important to remember to apply generous amounts of cream to the skin. Make sure you use creams with enough fatty acids to optimally support the skin.

But what about the sun?

Even in winter, there is nothing better than enjoying a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine. remember to apply sun protection products, even in the cold months of the year, especially if you are out and about in the mountains. In winter, the skin is not used to the sun and is highly sensitive. In addition, the sun rays are extremely strong despite the low temperatures. Use sun protection or a moisturising cream with a minimum sun protection factor of 15.

Winter lip care

Apart from the skin under the eyes, the lips are one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of the body. Especially in cold temperatures or strong sun, it loses its suppleness very quickly. Even the blood vessels show clearly, which gives the lips their attractive red colour. Interestingly, the skin does not actually have any pigments of its own in the lips. This makes them extremely exposed to UV rays.

In addition to this trait, the lips also do not have a major horny layer. This means that they also are unprotected against external stress factors. The lips also do not have any sebum or sweat glands. They, therefore, do not have a natural protective oily layer, which leads to them drying out and chapping.

What does good lip care look like?

Firstly, you should place great importance on a high percentage of refattening ingredients. Secondly, moisture is also very important for the skin. However, make sure that your products have a low water content if you use them before going out in the cold. The water would otherwise freeze and do more damage than good to the lips.

With regard to ingredients, the general rule is that natural ingredients are the best choice. Shea butter and apricot kernel oil are firm favourites as they resemble the body’s own oils. Cocoa butter, almond, olive, avocado and jojoba oil are also safe and highly nourishing.

It is also important to treat the sensitive skin on the lips with care. This means that ideally, you should refrain from chewing your lips. Constantly moistening your lips with your tongue and plucking them are also unhelpful habits. It all constantly damages your lips and leads to them drying out quicker. To get rid of dead skin cells, it is better to gently massage the lips with a soft toothbrush.

Louis Widmer’s recommendation

Remederm Dry Skin Face Cream with additional anti-ageing effect supplies your skin with valuable nutrients day and night and is the ideal for care for irritated, reddened and irritated skin. It penetrates the skin where it protects and moisturises the deeper layers.

These ingredients boost this effect: vitamin A, vitamin E, panthenol, urea and biostimulators (amino acid complex). The cream is available non-scented and slightly scented. 

Dermatological University Hospital and Polyclinic at the Inselspital Hospital in Bern:

A statistically significant improvement of the skin's condition compared with untreated skin was achieved after just a few days. Remederm Dry Skin Face Cream is ideal even for highly irritated and dry skin thanks to its optimal tolerance.

Remederm Dry Skin Lip Balm with intensively nourishing active ingredients makes dry, chapped, cracked and heavily stressed lips soft and smooth in an instant. This true miracle cure contains vitamins A and E, panthenol, bisabolol, cardamine pratensis oil and natural, plant-based oils such as shea butter, jojoba oil, squalan (made from olive residue oil) and castor oil. Combined, they cool, inhibit irritation, refatten and soothe the skin.

Remederm Dry Skin Lip Balm also does not contain any preservatives and colourings. You can choose from a non-scented and slightly scented balm.