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  • Vegan
  • 0% solid microplastic
  • Ocean Protect
  • UVA/UVB-Protection
  • Cruelty-Free

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  • Biostimuliiniyhdiste
  • Gatuline® Radiance
  • E-vitamiini
  • Karitevoi
  • Pantenoli
  • Kreatiini
  • UVA- ja UVB-suodattimia
  • Laajavaikutteisia suodattimia

Radiance and fresh complexion with high UV protection.

Mature skin over 40 increasingly loses its elasticity and tone. Small wrinkles and lines appear and the skin tone becomes paler. This process is caused by the reduced circulation which in turn reduces the skin’s nutrient supply. The skin also loses its ability to store moisture. But UV rays, in other words sunlight, also damage the genetic make-up of the skin cells, make the skin age faster and can even lead to skin cancer. The new Day Cream UV 50 by Louis Widmer is intensively nourishing face care, enriched with highly dosed ingredients and reliable UV protection.

Day Cream UV 50
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Highly dosed ingredients.

The new Day Cream UV 50 has been developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings, using valuable raw materials. The combination of ingredients guarantees ultimate product-specific effectiveness and skin tolerance.

Effectiveness tests.

The carefully adjusted and highly dosed ingredients of the Day Cream UV 50 supply the skin with moisture and nutrients and have been proven to leave the skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Outstanding test results.

Self-assessment: women with mature skin applied the Day Cream UV 50 daily over a period of four weeks.

Conducted by a dermatological institution.

A radiant, fresh look.

The microcirculation influences the skin’s colour and properties thanks to an improved oxygen supply and nourishment of the skin’s supportive tissue.

This double effect provides a radiant, fresh look.

* Study by the ingredient manufacturer

A fresh, rosy skin tone.

Thanks to Gatuline® Radiance, an ingredient that activates the microcirculation, the skin tone improves significantly after just four weeks. Pale olive tones are reduced and a healthy, fresh, rosy skin tone is boosted.

We care - also with a new jar. 

Louis Widmer is committed to sustainable product development and production.
The new 50 ml PET jar is used for the Day Cream UV 50. Its shape is identical to the previous jars, but it can be fully recycled.