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Regular cleansing with a cloth or sponge is essential for healthy infant skin. It removes dirt, sebum and sweat.  Babies can be bathed one to three times per week to relax and develop the parent-child relationship.

Bath time should not exceed five to ten minutes. This prevents sensitive skin from drying out unnecessarily. The temperature of the heated bathing water should be around 35 to 37 degrees Celsius. BabyPure Shampoo and Wash Lotion cleanses very gently and does not sting the eyes.


Bathing newly born infants

Newly born infants should not be bathed immediately after the birth to ensure that the valuable vernix caseosa remains intact. It can stay on the skin for several days until it drops off by itself. The vernix caseosa contains substances that protect and care for the newly born infant’s skin. The following rule of thumb applies in the first year of life: Bath time should not exceed ten minutes. A bath one to three times per week is enough for baby. However, baby can be washed daily with a cloth or sponge. After the first year, children can splash in the water for longer periods.

Hair care

Once baby’s hair has become thicker it is useful to apply the BabyPure Shampoo and Wash Lotion. It is gentle on the scalp and does not sting the eyes. Care should nevertheless be taken to tilt the child’s head backward to prevent the shampoo and water from running into the eyes. Gently dry the hair after bathing to ensure that the child does not catch a cold.

Soft, oily dandruff (cradle cap or infantile eczema)

A thick, sticky dandruff layer (cradle cap) often forms on the scalp. But there is no need to worry. The dandruff is harmless and only forms until the sebaceous glands are working properly. The affected areas can be gently massaged with a little BabyPure Care and Massage Oil if it is felt that it looks a little unsightly. Leave to soak in for several hours or overnight, then carefully remove the film with a soft brush or sponge.

Use BabyPure Shampoo and Wash Lotion for washing hair and scalp. Never scrape off dandruff as this may cause small, inflamed wounds. If the scalp is itchy, it could be infantile eczema – please consult a paediatrician if this is the case.

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