Long-term protection against early skin ageing

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Anti-ageing Intensive Complex for heavily stressed skin areas.

Why the Anti-ageing Intensive Complex is the biggest gift of love you can give your skin. 

We get older and wiser as the years go by, but our skin also loses its elasticity and tone. The skin’s ability to retain moisture gets less and the first lines and small wrinkles appear. the skin of our face is the mirror of our soul as it not only indicates our state of health but also reveals many other aspects about us, like blushing when we feel awkward and goosebumps when we feel cold. In daily life, our skin protects us against chemical, mechanical and thermal impacts, such as germs, pollution and UV rays.

We recommend our Anti-ageing Intensive Complex as a gift for your skin. The Anti-ageing Intensive Complex is a highly effective, intensive care product. It provides long-term protection against early skin ageing and environmental stress factors and stimulates the skin’s natural anti-ageing functions. Biostimulators (amino acid complex) replace the natural moisturising substances in the horny layer. Jojoba oil, a high-grade plant-based oil, nourishes and protects the skin. Vitamins C and E catch radicals and protect, thus preventing early skin ageing. OM24 is a green tea extract and offers natural cell protection on the basis of catechins and maintains and stimulates the skin’s natural anti-ageing function.  Our special preparation against small wrinkles for heavily stressed skin areas is a perfect gift of love to our skin. We believe there is nothing wrong with the odd little wrinkle forming over time as wrinkles are likeable and underline our personality.