Which is the best deodorant in UAE?

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The height of summer is here, which means that activities under the sun are in full swing. Unfortunately, this time of year is not without its struggles, mainly the scorching weather. And with temperatures in the UAE reaching up to 43 degrees, this usually means having to contend with things like sweating and body odour. 

If you struggle with this, you’re not alone. The sensitive skin of any person’s underarms becomes the perfect environment for odour-causing bacteria, especially when there’s plenty of sweat. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a trusty deodorant. 

Not all deodorants are the same, so finding the best one for your needs can be tricky. Here are some of the best deodorants you can consider for a fuss and odour-free summer. 

Deodorants vs. Antiperspirants

It’s important to distinguish between deodorants and antiperspirants to ensure you choose the right product.

Deodorants are chemical formulas that work to reduce the unpleasant smell that usually comes from the underarms. Some may include a natural fragrance in their ingredients and are usually alcohol-based, turning skin acidic so that it is less attractive to odour-causing bacteria.

On the other hand, antiperspirants use aluminium-based compounds that temporarily block sweat from coming out of your pores. This reduces the amount of sweat that your underarms have, keeping you clean and dry. 

That said, here are the different types of deodorant you can try to find what’s best for you.

Types of Deodorant

Roll-On Deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are liquids dispensed using a roller ball that glides smoothly onto the skin. The great thing about this type of deodorant is that it dries quickly, so you won’t have to worry about any chalky or greasy residue that may stain your clothes. This formula also tends to last longer than spray-on types. Roll-ons are best for those who are on the go and prefer not to carry many hygiene products with them.

Spray Deodorant

If you’re looking for convenience, then spray deodorants may work best for you. This formula is great for quick refreshes, such as when you’re leaving the gym or heading out for dinner after work. Sprays are also excellent because they go on clear and don’t leave any residue. Keep in mind that you should let this type of deodorant dry completely before wearing your clothes. 

To apply, shake the canister gently then remove the cap. Spray the underarm area from a distance of about 10 to 12 inches. Spray it on as evenly as possible to get the best results.

Gel Deodorant

Gel deodorants are great for those who want full coverage and long-lasting staying power. These typically come in packaging that features a twistable dial to dispense some of the product. To use this type of deodorant, simply apply a small amount after bathing and wait for it to dry completely before getting dressed. 

Solid Deodorant

While solid deodorants are similar to gels, this formula is typically opaque and smooth. It is similar in consistency to creamy bar soaps but soft enough to be applied smoothly onto the skin without water. This is best applied using an up and down motion to cover the underarm area with product. The only downside to this type of deodorant is that it often leaves a white residue on skin and clothes. 

Invisible Solid Deodorant

Those who prefer solid deodorants but don’t want to deal with how it stains the skin and garments can try invisible solid deodorant formulas. This type of deodorant is very similar to standard solid ones, the main difference being that it goes on clear rather than white. Invisible solids can help you stay confident that you smell your best without having any embarrassing white marks on your underarm area.

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Some deodorants also come with antiperspirant features. This allows you to smell fresh and clean while remaining sweat-free throughout the day. If you prefer a two-in-one product that targets both moisture and smell, then an antiperspirant deodorant might be the best for you. This deodorant works best when applied before bedtime, but you can achieve added freshness and protection if you reapply it in the morning.

The Best Deodorant for You

The best deodorant for you will depend on your needs and preferences, but it’s best to go for a product that will provide control over both odour and perspiration. Louis Widmer’s Deodorant Aluminium Salts Free Roll-on is an odour-neutralizing formula with a 24-hour effect. It has no alcohol and leaves no residue for fuss-free application every time. Stay protected and fresh with our deodorant.