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Micro silver: the secret remedy that nourishes and protects the skin

Humans have known and used silver for more than 7,000 years. We use micro silver in our Louis Widmer Remederm Silver Cream Repair.

Micro silver is an innovative form of pure metallic silver – the result of more than 15 years of research at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. One of its biggest advantages is its long-lasting effect. Compared with conventional silver powder, micro silver has a much larger total free surface thanks to its sponge-like structure. Micro silver is, therefore, able to generate a sufficient number of silver ions over a long period.

Micro silver has an average diameter of 10 µm and cannot penetrate the skin. thanks to its composition and special structure, micro silver also guarantees an increased silver ion content in the end product. This improves the antimicrobial effectiveness over time. The silver ions are further released over hours, thus creating a deposit effect, which acts as an invisible shield.

Remederm Silver Cream Repair

Remederm Silver Cream Repair was developed specifically for extremely dry, irritated and reddened skin areas.

Extremely dry and irritated skin can no longer optimally protect itself as it lacks the important protective oily skin layer, which happens particularly often during the cold months of the year.  This increases itching and causes small inflammations. The skin is increasingly exposed to bacteria.

Remederm Silver Cream Repair soothes irritation, restores the skin's barrier function, normalises cornification and stops germs that attack the skin from spreading. In addition to micro silver, which as you already know has an antibacterial effect and soothes irritation, the cream also contains beneficial active ingredients. Vitamin A normalises cornification, for example. Vitamin E neutralises damaging free radicals. Panthenol soothes irritated skin. Carbamide provides moisture. Borage oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, which also soothes skin irritation and normalises scaling. A perfect combination for healthy and radiant skin!

Test results

The skin clinic in Davos tested Remederm Silver Cream repair on patients. After testing the cream for two weeks, its good tolerance and effectiveness were confirmed by physicians.