Stretch marks

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Massage instructions

Apply 2.5 g (2 amounts the size of a hazelnut each) twice a day on the affected body parts (stomach, upper thighs, bottom and breast):

1. Step

Gently massage MamaDerm Stretch Marks Prevention Cream into the skin using circular motions. Hold the skin on the stomach between your thumb and index finger and slightly pluck it for as long as it feels pleasant.

2. Step

Apply MamaDerm Stretch Marks Prevention Cream to the breast and gently massage in using circular motions from the bottom to the top.

3. Step

To finish, intensively massage the hips, upper thighs and bottom with MamaDerm Stretch Marks Prevention Cream. It is important to always massage toward the heart.

When using MamaDerm Stretch Marks Prevention Cream during pregnancy, it is recommended to massage it in as early as from the third month until around three months after the birth.


When breastfeeding, any cream on the nipples must be carefully removed before feeding the infant.