Tips to combat dry skin during the UAE’s winter

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Those who live in the UAE may only know it by its two seasons: hot and even hotter. However, UAE residents experience temporary relief when the winter rolls around in December. Despite refreshing coolness, UAE winters are notoriously dry and can cause the skin to flake and scale.
If you want to prevent your already-dry skin from becoming even drier during the winter, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Why Does Your Skin Get Dry in the Winter?

During the winter, environmental humidity is low. Not to mention, less sunlight means fewer sources of vitamin D, which boasts anti-inflammatory properties.

Because the skin traps less oil, it loses its protective barrier in the winter, resulting in:

  • Redness
  • Flaking and scaling
  • Itching
  • Stinging and burning
  • Rawness and irritation

How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in the Winter

Dry skin is common, especially amid UAE winters. Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions that keep your skin vibrant, smooth, and moisturized.

Moisturize Generously

Washing your skin strips it of natural oils. As such, you’ll want to replace this moisture every time you wash your face, hands, or body.

Always keep a bottle of moisturizer next to your sink for easy access. If you’re a frequent traveler, take a miniature-sized version of your moisturizer with you.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen is just as necessary in the winter as it is in the summer. Even with less sunlight, UV rays can still penetrate the skin.

Use a sunscreen with a skin protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 and reapply this to the skin every two hours.

Take Shorter Showers

Long, hot showers may provide a lot of relief in the winter but can also cause overwashing. Spending too much time in the shower can extract too much oil from the skin and eliminate its moisture barrier.

Especially if you enjoy hot showers, you’ll want to limit your sessions to around ten minutes.

Use Overnight Treatments

Using an overnight treatment can lock in moisture for longer periods. Consider using an emollient, which effectively soothes and heals dry skin.

Apply emollients frequently—about two to four times a day to achieve maximum results. Keep an eye out for beneficial ingredients like oats and ceramides.

Avoid Fragranced Products

Fragranced products may smell appealing but can cause severe irritation to the skin. Fragrances are the leading cause of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) and can exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

Not only do you want to avoid fragrance in your skincare products, but you’ll also want to be vigilant about what detergent you use.  

Be Aware of Ingredients

No two moisturizers are equal. While they serve the same purpose, different products will help lock in moisture to varying degrees. As such, you’ll want to be aware of what ingredients are present in the products you use.

For instance, a lot of lotions contain alcohol, which can exacerbate dryness and cause itching. On the other hand, if you suffer from exceptionally dry skin, ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid help sustain moisture for longer.

Don’t Over-exfoliate

While exfoliation is helpful in removing dead skin cells and bacteria, overdoing it can cause flakiness. At most, you’ll only want to exfoliate once or twice a week using a gentle chemical exfoliant. Using harsh, physical scrubs can cause micro abrasions and rawness over time.

Hydrate from the Inside

Hydrating from the inside can do wonders for hydrating your outer layer. Not enough liquid intake can cause the skin to become dull. In addition, eating foods rich with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids can protect against environmental irritants and increase healthy cell production.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing dry, flaky skin during the UAE winter is not uncommon. However, it can cause problems if left unattended and continually exposed to environmental stressors. The key to keeping your skin hydrated is to frequently moisturize, use the appropriate products, and protect yourself from UV rays. 

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