Product characteristics

  • Vegan
  • 0% microplastic
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Recycled Materials

Further information about the product


  • ​The light cream nourishes, moisturises and regenerates the skin tissue at night without weighing the skin down
  • The high concentration of active ingredients stimulates and preserves the skin's natural anti-ageing functions
  • The Biostimulators-Complex acts in the deep layers of the skin and replaces substances that become increasingly scarce as the skin ages. It moisturises immediately and intensively, boosts cell activity and cell regeneration as well as collagen synthesis
  • Syn®-Tacks, a patented peptide complex, restores the skin's elasticity and reduces wrinkles. The skin becomes softer and well nourished
  • Fragmented hyaluronic acid stimulates the collagen synthesis and improves the consistency of the epidermis. It acts as a collagen booster for improved tone and skin-water balance
  • Film-forming hyaluronic acid is a highly effective moisturiser and has strong water retention properties in the horny layer. It gives the skin a wonderful feeling and leaves a thin, elastic protective film
  • Panthenol soothes irritated skin and improves its ability to retain moisture
  • Ceramides protect the skin’s hydration, strengthen the natural skin barrier and help to keep the skin supple and smooth
  • Jojoba oil, a high-quality natural oil, maintains and protects the skin
  • Phytosqualan maintains the skin's moisture for long periods and reduces moisture loss


  • Biostimulators-Complex
  • Syn®Tacks
  • Hyaluronic acid (film-forming)
  • Hyaluronic acid (fragmented)
  • Panthenol
  • Vitamin E
  • Ceramides
  • Jojoba oil
  • Phytosqualane