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Hands have to withstand quite a lot each and every day. It is not surprising that the skin there often feels dry and rough. With the right care, the skin is awakened from its winter sleep and prepared for the coming spring.


Our hands are in use all day, every day. As a tool, they help us tackle daily chores, when communicating they give emphasis to our words and sometimes they reveal more than we appreciate. Yet we take way too little time to look after them. Apply these three steps and one little trick to enjoy super soft hands in no time at all.

1. Washing your hands

Washing your hands is the first step toward proper hand care. A proper cleaning routine removes bacteria, dirt and contagious infections from your hands. Even if you have washed your hands since being little and have never paid much thought to the proper way of washing your hands, there are several points you need to remember. Aggressive cleaning agents or water temperatures that are too high can dry out and stress the skin. This can cause small chaps, reddening or rough patches. As the skin on your hands is almost as thin as on your face, it is important to wash your hands with lukewarm water and mild soap.

2. Hand peeling

To minimise rough patches and chaps, you should remove dead skin from your hands so that new skin cells can grow.  This makes your hands soft and smooth again. Our Louis Widmer faces peeling can also be used as a hand peeling. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and at the same time removes horny skin cells. The peeling stimulates the blood supply to the skin and removes dead skin cells and thus prepares the skin to better absorb the nutrients of the Louis Widmer Hand Balm UV 10.

3. Hand cream

The most important clue to super-soft hands is the hand cream. The Louis Widmer Hand Balm UV 10 nourishes your hands throughout the day and at the same time protects them against UV rays. The skin is safely protected by the combination of UVA and UVB filters, which also prevents age spots. The active ingredients, panthenol and allantoin, stimulate cell regeneration and soothe irritated skin. This eases small chaps, reddening and rough patches, leaving the skin feeling soft all over. In the evening, massage the Louis Widmer Hand Cream thoroughly so that the regenerating substances can develop their effect overnight. The formula ensures that the active ingredients penetrate all the way to the deeper layers of the skin where they develop their nourishing and moisturising effect. The hand cream is particularly suitable for the treatment of chapped problem hands.

Additional tip: Overnight hand mask

A soothing hand mask leaves your fingers soft and the back of your hands smooth. Apply Louis Widmer Hand Cream to your hands, put on fine wool gloves and wake up the next morning with satiny-soft hands.